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Published on Nov 12, 2012

This Eye doctor calls Joel Wallach a liar then Dr Wallach reverses 27 of his patients to 20/20 eyesight. The doctor who called him a liar then makes this cd called seeing is believing, apologies accepted. Amazing!

Eye doctor apologizes to Dr. Wallach

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 Marilyn Gorby-Painter is a bright and shining star within Youngevity.  A prestigious 'diamond elite' member, she has been with the company since the original Youngevity and grown with it through the forthcoming acquisition of many other companies to create the wonderful combination and variety that Youngevity enjoys today.  A dear friend as well as employee to Dr. Wallach, she frequently travels to meet with he and Steve in the headquarters in Chula Vista, California.

Marilyn serves not only her home state of Florida, but through web presence has touched people all over the world.

Marilyn is a very caring and knowledgeable representative of good health, demonstrating it herself by her own use of our products.  Honest and sincere, she is a jewel in Dr. Wallach's crown.

She is ready at any time to answer questions and help in any way possible.  Having one of the most friendly and cheerful personalities around today, her wide range of friends makes it easy to find the answers.

She's a friend for life, one you will want to keep.

Martha S. Heney is a Managing Associate who joined when the company was called American Longevity, about 5 years ago.  Since then she has endeavored to create web pages that provide the key to all good health, - 'information'.

She works at a local central Florida hospital as a switchboard operator, previously in Medical Records for many years until it closed.  Because of her daily encounters with so much suffering, she is dedicated to helping as many people as possible to find the solutions to their health problems.

It has taken her these 5 years to gather the wealth of information to be found on all the web pages associated with her Youngevity sites, and a whole lot of hard work to get it out there for you.

Her hope is that people will quit worshipping doctors and become their own doctor by researching what else is out there, especially to replace pharmaceuticals.  She has done this, and knows that nearly all the answers one needs can be found somewhere in the information she has displayed for you (see 'links' above').

A blazing desire to help relieve suffering drives her relentlessly to create and display as much as possible.


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